About Us

Our mission is to glean fresh fruits and vegetables to give to KY’s hungry.

Faith Feeds is a cooperative association of people and faith communities who seek to help in alleviating hunger in the Bluegrass.  Recognizing both a need and an opportunity within the local food system, a group of gardeners, church members, and emergency food agency folk met to explore creative and effective ways to connect untapped local resources (space, volunteers, excess food) with those who could make good use of them.

Hunger and Poverty have been part of the human existence for thousands of years following our civilization. We have never solved the problem and what we are proposing won’t be the cure.  But there comes a time when circumstances, opportunities and aspirations intersect and coalesce to potentially help to resolve long-standing needs; a tipping point is reached.

There are many organizations working to feed the poor in Lexington, and it is no surprise that they are almost exclusively religious or have God in their name.  All of them work wonders with the resources available and have so much asked of them. Sadly with the economy as it is, has been and will continue to be for a while it is not enough.

Faith Feeds arose from John Walker’s passion for gleaning, combined with his and others concerns about our food supply and hunger in our community.  Connecting through the Edible Garden Series, John, Erica Horn and Jennifer Erena felt the needs and concerns were discussed enough and action needed to happen.  During the Faith and Food part of the 2010 Food Summit, Erica presented the program and the idea of creating a better network of collaboration.  In-Feed accepted this collaborative spirit and Jennifer Barricklow and Bob McKinley joined the group.  Soon Mary Powell, an active gardener and volunteer, came on board.  The people connected by the love of gardening and community grew into a group creating Faith Feeds.  Identifying our values from personal faith and recognizing the devoted involvement from faith organizations, the name Faith Feeds came naturally.  Since then, Faith Feeds has partnered with the Lexington Farmers Market, many churches, such as Beaumont Presbyterian and The Rock UMC [now Embrace], God’s Pantry and other EFAs and other related organizations, such as Seedleaf to build strong network supporting a healthy community. Aaron Mansfield, pastor at The Rock [now Embrace] and one of Faith Feeds early partners, said in a 2010 interview by the Herald Leader, “I spent this year pulling out my hair, trying to figure out how we are going to make things work financially. When I just let go, the next thing I know everybody is bringing this stuff to me.” “Faith Feeds has been a great partner,” he continued. “This is the first year large amounts of produce have come in week after week.”

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One Response to About Us

  1. igrowfoodlex says:

    Reeds Valley Orchard

    A big thanks to Trudie Reed in inviting us to glean.
    The last two days Gareth, Mary and neighbours gleaned lots of peaches and blackberries.
    They will be going out again Monday morning early.

    If you can make it, the fried pies are to die for…….

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